Global Malls Joint Stock Company was established with the biggest goal that it is heading to which is to bring benefits to everyone, minimizing those factors that do harm to our health. We expect the two most precious things of a human being’s life which are Health and Time to be protected in the best way.

The principles in processing products are no chemicals and preservatives should be used, and all materials are strictly chosen and tested. The finished products are inspected by SGS, an international verification organization.

Currently, many of Global Malls products are being sold and used in both domestic and foreign markets, such as:

Food products:

Vbread (loaf) and Vbaguette (breadstick) are healthy, made by 4.0 technology and meet five star standard. The advantages of the product are that it contains no preservatives; the fermentation process is completely natural; the production process applies the latest technology; the product is not made from baking powder and eggs which is suitable for a vegan's diet, but it still has                                                                                                                                                                    what it takes of a Vietnamese traditional bread: crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, less crumbly that meets FDA standards.

VSoup Bun Bo Hue – Pho soup powder: It is made from strictly selected materials meeting US and European export standards and produced by the latest technology with pork and beef bones being stewed up to 18 hours, no MSG, preservatives and additives are used during the process. It also meets FDA, FSSC 22000 standards.

Consumer goods: They are products extracted from natural herbs and containing no chemicals under the GMnature brand such as: floor cleaning products, dishwashing products, hand washing and so on. All of them meets FDA, WHO-GMP, GACP, Quatest 3 standards.



Global Malls is a pioneer in researching and distributing natural products containing extraction from nature into domestic and international markets to improve the quality of life of everyone.



Global Malls has the mission of “Protecting the health and time of the community”.

PROTECTING THE OF HEALTH OF COMMUNITY through all natural food and product which are made of carefully selected materials, finished products are strictly inspected by SGS. As stated in the motto: the health of people is our priority, and the mission of Global Malls is to contribute to build an environment that protects people’s health.

In addition, Global Malls also indirectly PROTECT THE TIME OF COMMUNITY since Global Malls food products are standardized for people using healthy, high quality, and convenient products that will help save time.



Global Malls motto is “Ethics and wisdom are the foundation for sustainable development”, we consider ethical values ​​as a foundation and wisdom as a core value for the sustainable development for today and younger generations.

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